Tuesday, July 19, 2016


recently i had a long conv
unusual topic, but really had long conv idk why then we argued
i dont really like to deal with any arguments, i hate speaking up to much
i prefer to think it deep and find the right things from the opponent than speak up the wrong things they say
i usually do that things

but, i've just got into the situation where i had to speak up, more than i have to do
usually just let them win, because i just know they will have other things (the facts or just the wrong things i got) to break my arguments
and the situation led my ego to speak up, led my heart to speak up
i never let them do that things before
because i've just faced the situation of dealing with the things that i really dont like (for any reason) even what i know about it just like the facts it is
i dont like it, not because i just have imperceptive about those things. no
i just really dont like from the deepest inside my heart and mind

but see the one doing the things you hate just broke you into pieces (okay, overrated. sadly but true)

well, hope everything soon to be healed. like this situation was never had before