Friday, April 11, 2014


what the hell is perception?
when something being unclear, perception is needed
make same perception can make that thing is gone or getting worse
but the same perception, perhaps better than different perception

when something being unclear, just shot what's the matter is
don't make some statements that can be a new perception
make it clear, to reduce other perception that can make thing is getting worse

who care with perception?
me? not really
him? I don't know
them? her? stranger? I have no idea at all

one thing I really care is, don't left any unclear thing with unclear perception
no one like to be left by something that unclear with different and unclear perception
make a perception with clear statement, please Sir
changeable mind? yes, me too
just don't make it like a messy puzzle, because it's hard to see the picture

last thing I don't really care is;
about all these posts here and whom will read it
when I just pour thoughts here, everything seems better
night, for anyone who make me write this