Sunday, March 21, 2010

it's holiday time!!

yeeeiey! holiday holiday holiday!
I will have holiday for 5 days (actually us)
because the 12th grade will have national exam (UN)
what will I do in this holiday?
I don't know, because there isn't plan

is it a real holiday? I don't think so
I have such a little things to do
1. make a proposal for mading event "petik gitar" and you know I don't know how to make sponsor proposal. oh somebody please help me!!
2. biology assignment , make resume about ecosystem (ekosistem maksud gue)
3. homework I think
4. must study, although just a little. just read okay
5. repair my laptop. now, it isn't work well, I can crazy if it broken! and I must take it to Ratu Plaza, That's too far if i go alone, but who will accompany me to there? no body. because they are too busy to accompany me

huh, wish for better holiday but i's too hard!
holiday spirit!

Friday, March 5, 2010


asik akhirnya selesai juga
I have done all of the test
so far, I have got not really good score
but, it's enough
for the ext test I must be better than now!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

mid semester

semakin hari semakin malas saja gue belajar.....
help me
mid sih udah mau selesai, tapi nilai gue yaampun average banget
pokoknya gue harus semangat, semangat dari sekarang
apa cita-cita lo? hah?
dokter kan?
ayooo sa! semangat, semngat, semangat!!!
FKUI harus dapet mau gimana pun!!
ternyata yang ngerjar FKUI gak sedikit, pokoknya harus lo yang dapet dari semua kemungkinan